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Program Description
The FLEX Alumni Program with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia is pleased to announce support program for all FLEX alumni based in Russia. This program encourages FLEX alumni to share their ideas for professional development and networking projects in Russia. The projects chosen through this program will receive administrative support offered by the FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia. This is not a grants program. 

 Applicant’s Responsibilities
  · To develop the project, work with the FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia,  and conduct the project in his/her community.
  · To submit a completed summary of the project with pictures to FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia within a week of the end of the project via a survey link, which will be provided.

Selection Process
  Competition for the program is merit-based. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

1. Objectives:
  - How does the project contribute to the professional development of the FLEX Alumni community in Russia or the professional development of the alumnus/a administering the program?

 2. Constituency:
  - Does the applicant demonstrate the need for this project among the FLEX Alumni Community?

  3. Feasibility:
    - Are potential problems addressed?
  - Can the project be accomplished within the time frame?
  - If the project involves activities that extend beyond the project period or the organization of a permanent structure, what are the plans for sustaining the proposal’s future activities?

4. Results:
  - How realistic are the proposal’s expectations?
  - Can the results be measured in qualitative as well as quantitative terms?
  - How will results be shared with others? 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.