Please complete this form and upload all required attachments no more than one month after the completion of your project's main/milestone event. 

Please complete this form no more than two weeks after the completion of your project/travel. 

By completing this survey, you are completing the post grant project report for 2020 GYSD Matching Grants Program. The report includes narrative report, three photos, financial report with receipts. This report is due no later than one week after the completion of the project. The grant recipient must complete the project according to the dates stated in the application, or must receive permission from the program administrator for an extension of the deadline.  
The latest possible date to submit your final report is May 5th 2020. This means that all project activities must be completed and all grant funds spent by May 5th 2020.  
All grant recipients will follow financial reporting as explained in the award letter and financial report instructions. Original receipts should be sent to the American Councils office closest to you. Please remember that the receipts you submit serve as proof of your actual spending. Only those grant expenditures supported by valid receipts will be accepted.  

Please complete this form no more than two weeks after the completion of your travel and follow-on activity. 

Please complete this form no more than two weeks after the completion of your project/travel. 

Program Description
The FLEX Alumni Program with support from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia is pleased to announce support program for all FLEX alumni based in Russia. This program encourages FLEX alumni to share their ideas for professional development and networking projects in Russia. The projects chosen through this program will receive administrative support offered by the FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia. This is not a grants program. 

 Applicant’s Responsibilities
  · To develop the project, work with the FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia,  and conduct the project in his/her community.
  · To submit a completed summary of the project with pictures to FLEX Alumni Coordinator in Russia within a week of the end of the project via a survey link, which will be provided.

Selection Process
  Competition for the program is merit-based. Selection will be based upon the following criteria:

1. Objectives:
  - How does the project contribute to the professional development of the FLEX Alumni community in Russia or the professional development of the alumnus/a administering the program?

 2. Constituency:
  - Does the applicant demonstrate the need for this project among the FLEX Alumni Community?

  3. Feasibility:
    - Are potential problems addressed?
  - Can the project be accomplished within the time frame?
  - If the project involves activities that extend beyond the project period or the organization of a permanent structure, what are the plans for sustaining the proposal’s future activities?

4. Results:
  - How realistic are the proposal’s expectations?
  - Can the results be measured in qualitative as well as quantitative terms?
  - How will results be shared with others? 

Please complete this form no more than two weeks after the completion of your project/travel. 

The FLEX Alumni Photo/Video contest is an annual competition for FLEX alumni to submit photos and videos that they have taken during alumni activities, workshops, and events to win prizes! Submit your photos and videos that put a spotlight on the goals and the essence of the FLEX Alumni program. Submissions will be accepted from June 1 – July 31, 2020 (11:59 PM Eastern Time). There will be a first and second place prize, as well as the Community CHOICE Award. The first and second place photo/ video will be selected by a team from the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The Community CHOICE Award winner will be the photo/video which receives the most likes on the FLEX Alumni Facebook page, and they will also receive a prize.  All prizes help the winners develop and improve upon their creative media skills.  Past contest prizes included Go Pros, Cannon/Sony Video cameras, iPads, and Polaroid cameras. 

1. Number of Submissions
The limit is 2 pictures and one video per person. Videos may not exceed three minutes. Each photo/video file should be submitted individually through this site.

2. Every Submission Must Include

  • The submitter’s name and Facebook profile link for tagging purposes.
  • The year the submitter participated in the FLEX program.
  • A title for the photograph or video with a chosen theme.
  • A description of the event in the photo or video.
  • The date that the event took place (approximate dates are fine) of the event.
  • The names of the FLEX alumni in the photo/video (so that the person can be tagged on FB).
  • The location of the event.

 3. The Photo or Video Submitter Must

  • Be a FLEX alumnus/alumna.
  • Not be a U.S. Government or U.S. Embassy employee.
  • Not be in the picture (with the exception of selfies).
  • Be the photographer of the picture or recorder/creator of the video submitted.

 4. Photos

  • Must have taken place during FLEX alumni program events, projects, and workshops.
  • Should be spontaneous shots of alumni in action (candid shots).
  • Posed photographs will not be competitive.

 5. Video 

  • May not exceed three minutes in length.
  • Must not contain any copyrighted material.

 6. Winning Photograph/Video
The winning photograph/video will be selected based on how well they depict the spirit of the FLEX Alumni program and how aligned they are as per the themes of this contest. The submissions should demonstrate alumni developing and sharing the skills and knowledge they received in the U.S and afterward, in, and with their local communities.

7. Community CHOICE Award
A separate award (The Community CHOICE Award) will be given to that alumnus/a who submitted the most popular picture or video judged by the highest number of likes through the FLEX Alumni Facebook page.

8. Contest Winner and Runner-Up
Contest winner and runner-up will be selected by a jury from the Youth Programs Office of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

9. Contest Agreement
By submitting your photos or video you agree that the American Councils can post the photo or video on its sites for the promotion of the FLEX program and share with the American Councils employees and partners. All submissions, including videos and photographs, or other information communicated to the FLEX Program of American Councils for International Education through this site  will forever be the property of the FLEX Alumni Program of American Councils for International Education and may be used in future publications, and web outlets.  Without limitation, the FLEX Alumni Program of American Councils for International Education will have exclusive ownership of all present and future existing rights to the submission of every kind and nature everywhere.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to ensure that the persons included in the submissions, including videos or pictures, or other information is communicated to the FLEX Alumni program of American Councils for International Education through this site:, have approved the usage of their story or image in the submission on the website.

FLEX Alumni Program